Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost time!

Our best friends, Wes & Ashley, are expecting their 1st baby who is gonna be (hopefully) Shelby's BFF, Hadley any day now! Ashley asked me WAAAAYYY before she got pregnant to do her diaper bag one day and I told her I always would. Well after she saw Shelby's bag, I told her that I would be delighted to do her one just like it, in different fabrics of her choice of course. So, here it is! We drove to their house to deliver it as well as some other little goodies and to celebrate our annual Christmas together. Hadley is due Jan. 7th but the dr. says she will be here WAAAYY before then! As of Monday, she was 80% effaced and 1cm!! OMG!! :) SOO EXCITED!

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Jessica said...

Question! Question, question, question!!! Do you think you could make me a bag like that? I love it! I want one!!!

Just let me know how much everything needed to make it would be and how much you'd want for labor and what would be the best way to pay for it, if you wouldn't mind making one for me that is.

On WTE (June 09) I'm TysMommyJessica but you can also e-mail me Like I said, if you wouldn't mind making a bag, I would LOVE to have one and like I said, I would definitely be willing to pay you for it and for your time!

Let me know! Thank you SOOOO much!