Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Best time in the World...

We are back into our routine, somewhat, since being in Tulsa for a week at the Pinto Horse Association World Show.  It was an awesome, shocking, amazing, exhausting, HOT, tiring, exciting and wonderful experience! Shelby held her own, had a blast and loved every minute of it! She reached her goal and ours! She rode in 7 classes. That's A LOT for anyone, must less a 7 year old! She rode in 2 Walk/Trot Trail classes, the Charity Walk/Trot class, 2 Western Pleasure classes and 2 Horsemanship classes. Shelby got her name called out by 2 JUDGES in her Youth Trail class and she won 2 ribbons for it!!  If that wasn't excellent enough, she MADE THE FINALS for her Youth Walk/Trot Horsemanship class! That means she was chosen as the top 10 of her class to compete against the top 10 of the other...she rode as the top 20 of Youth Horsemanship!! WHAT AN HONOR! She made soooo many memories and had a blast even in 100 degree weather, early mornings and late nights. She and Hershey are the perfect pair! What a birthday! Great bday party, horse for her birthday and then showed up AND SHOWED OUT amongst the World Champions in Tulsa!
Rhett was a trooper too. He loved all the tractors and horses. He was his usual happy-go-lucky self. We took a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium and Tulsa Zoo while we were there and during the breaks. It was fun and so good to spend it all as a family with our horse family!
Here's a recap of pictures...


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