Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Part 2

Here's Halloween part 2! You can see the first night of festivities that were had at our church, Central Baptist, here.
Halloween night ended up to be kind of a bust but oh well..  Shelby seemed to have more fun on the two days prior at Central Baptist Church's Fall Fest and SAU's Boo in the Barnyard than the actual night, but all the while she had a good time and Rhett, well he was just glad it's all over! LOL.
photo recap:
SAU's Boo in the Barnyard

 I stayed up til 1am Thursday night making Owl masks for the little "Hooties" in shelby's Kindergarten class in the Owl Room.  I'm home room mom and they HAD TO have these!
 The food and treat spread was FABULOUS thanks to my helper mom's!!

 Shelby won SECOND PLACE in the "Pumpkin Shine" contest at the Kindergarten! Here's is the Rainbow Princess Owl... :)
 Love their door that the kids did. They all made their own owl for the door.
 LOVE their pumpkins! They learned all about the pumpkin this past month. It was neat for shelby to tell me all about it from a seed to the pumpkin!

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