Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

It seems I have fallen behind on my blogging again...surprise surprise... LOL... this week's Woot Woot is all about the little things each new day brings!

wish she slept this well durin the night ! lol

Since Shelby has started PreK, which the official 1st day of school where they'll start curriculum is next week, she has loved it and loves all the kids! The teachers call her "little mama" because that's what she is... she always has been... haha... well, yesterday her favorite teacher, Miss Amber, tells me that Shelby took a little girl who cries everyday and most of the day, under her wing and befriended her and played with her all day to make her feel better. The little girl didn't shed ONE TEAR! This alone makes me feel like we are doing something right and raising her to be a generous and loving soul to all and especially those in need. My heart melted and YES I cried. Which I do at the drop of a hat here lately! I'm one proud momma for my little leader! Every day when we pick her up, she tells us about certain kids from that day and we just laugh and are amazed at how wise she is for a 4 year old.  I can't wait how she will treat her little brother or sister!

Speaking of, the nausea has subsided! Now I'm just hungry and if I let myself get hungry then it's not good... that's when I feel bad.  The issue at hand now is energy and staying awake. This baby is gonna be something! We go back Monday to the dr. and I can't wait to hear the heartbeat and see him/her again! Everyone is saying boy, which secretly, I hope for, but ya know, as long as we have a healthy baby, we will be happy with whichever gender! The worrisome mother in me is still in full-force though... since losing the baby earlier in the year, the what if's flood my mind daily but I know a greater, Higher Power than my worry and it's not of Him. :) Each day is a blessing and a struggle but it's a great new day and little blessings flood us each day!

Thank YOU Lord for the blessings in our lives, marriage, home, family, jobs, church, ministry, & friends!

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