Tuesday, August 27, 2013

13 weeks w/ #2!

I go too busy last week to do my "fruit post"...so here's this week! :) I'm sooo glad to be ALMOST out of the 1st trimester! it's been AWFUL, to say the least....constantly sick, feeling sick, or exhausted....along w/ my usually wife and motherly duties for Josh and Shelby.... it's WAAAAY harder the 2nd time than it was the first time! However, I DID FEEL THE BABY MOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME THE OTHER DAY! :) IT WAS SO NEAT TO FEEL THAT AGAIN! :)
I got to hear the baby's heartbeat last week and it was great! My appt. went well! I've gained nothing, and since my visit, I've actually lost 3 more lbs... not sure why but i'm not complaining and my dr isn't concerned...no complaints in that department! Doc also said i'm measuring well and just on track, which is shocking to me since i'm showing A LOT sooner than I did w/ shelby! I do remember why i LOVED maternity pants though! :) The jeans are HEAVEN! :) HEE HEE...

Last week also was a great week for shelby! She had an awesome 1st week of PreK, a new year of Awana kicked off at FBC and She started dance! She's taking 5 dance classes this year, one being Cheerleading! She's sooo excited! :)

What a great first week of a new year for sheebs! She also had fun after all her activities!! LOL.... never a dull moment w/ this child!

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His Doorkeeper said...

Bekah, I haven't checked on your blog is quite a while and Shelby has grown up!! Don't you love a four year old?? They are so much fun! And CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby coming!! Shelby will make a great big sister!!