Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I finished all the Nap Mats for 2Sprouts as well as my sample for advertisement and orders. :) I am quite proud of myself! I did them all on Thursday before 2pm! It was a chore but felt soooo good!
2Sprouts will have 2 boy and 2 girl totaling 4 for sale starting the end of next week so stop on by!

Figaro THOUGHT she was helping

all rolled up and ready to go!

I can't wait to take these! On a heavier note, Please pray for the families and loved ones of a precious lady, Julie (54) and her daughter, Dana (33) and granddaughter, Autumn (9) who were murdered Saturday. She is a coworker of ours and was very close w/ my husband.  This horrific tragedy has hit Magnolia and the SAU Family very hard.

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Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Praying for your friends, how terrible!!!

I love the nap mats, I will go by 2Sprouts next time I am in town or have my sister check them out for me. :)