Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Life of Packing....

So life is unorganized, chaotic and totally hectic right now but that's GOD's Plan and we aren't stressed! :) I'm fine now, really.... I am... * i keep repeating this over and over *
we have our closing date on our current house and our new house for the 5th and 7th of November.  The packing process has begun and it's EVERYWHERE..... my OCD doesn't do well with this but knowing the end result, makes it worth it! :) I know I promised pics of the inside of the NEW house, but I want to do that when the current owner's items are out so I'm not invading their privacy and such. :) We keep finding out our neighbors are mostly ALL PEOPLE we know and work with :) Heeeheee! They also have kids around shelby's age too! Who knew it took moving to the "country" to find playmates and neighbors for Shelby! :) We are too excited to start this new adventure and God is sooo GOOD!! Just a lil update... Heeheee

Also a  Photodump from the week:

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