Sunday, February 5, 2012

He sees each tear that falls...

Sorry I've not posted sooner or updated since we've been home from the hospital with Shelby. It's been chaotic and life changing getting back to some normalcy. She's not herself, emotionally.
...Since Shelby was hospitalized 2 weeks ago for her bladder shutting down she STILL REFUSES to even sit in or go near a potty. She's also acting out and throws fits a lot and is unconsolable and cannot be reasoned with. This is not our child!! She's never acted or been this way! She was potty trained last April in 3 days without any effort! She knows she's in pull ups, knows when she has to potty because she tells us, knows when she wants to be changed and then says thank you after I change her!!! She goes to a very structured, educational school/daycare on Wed.'s and she peed twice for her this week but will not for us!! We've tried IT ALL!!! Everything!!!!!! We are gonna keep trying anything to get her comfortable with the potty again and even gonna try what we did the first time that got her potty trained the first time, a treat jar.
It's frustrating but we are so thankful and blesses she's ok and ABLE to even potty, even if it is in a pull up!
So that's our update and our life the past couple weeks. Just continue to pray for her and that she won't be afraid of the potty or the bath tub. Anything in the bathroom, changing her clothes, taking a bath, combing her hair, pottying, a big deal and she freaks out. Our hearts break and aren't sure if we are doing any good but we are also having disciplining issues and finding out how spoiled she is and got from this as well as how headstrong she is. Many days and hours a day I spend doubting myself if I'm doing a good job as her mommy or if I'm a good mommy at all. Lots of tears and doubts but them I'm reminded of God's love and that He's always here for me to cry out to and that makes it less painful when shelby's screaming and crying and so am I. Lol...
Thank you for your prayers and we still need them! This will be a great week! One of my very best friends, Ashley, has a birthday Wed., my sweet sis in law who married my brother, has her birthday Thursday and so do I! I'm not excited about being 1 year from 30 but i wouldn't trade all 29 years I've had because God has truly blessed me!!

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Sue Jolly said...

Have you tried to get her to take her dolly to the potty?
It might help to let her go with no panties on for a couple of days at home.

I remember when Sandi was little she would not go to her daddy after a doctor's visit because she associated him with the pain the doctor put her through. ( She was 6 weeks old and she bent the tongue depresser in to and pinched the doctors arm until it bled. These little ones have long memories sometimes.

It will get better. I promise.