Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shelby Bows

SO I've not posted in A WHILE some creations, basically b/c of time, but also b/c I keep forgetting! LOL.. ANyhoo...every bow Shelby wears, I make, except for 2 of them that were gifts from baby showers just to clarify! LOL.. ANyhoo.. I do enjoy making bows and now do them on the alligator clips (the pinch clips) for easy on an off changing using only 1 HAND, which if I can do anything w/ my toes or one-handed, I'm ALL FOR IT! lol.. I'm about to work on some new bow designs for Shelby's daytime keeper's daughter and I just ordered that ribbon today and CAN'T WAIT to do them! They're gonna be HUGE, lots of ribbon and have marabou (feathers) on them!! :) yeah!! And one is even pink, we all know how i love pink! ANyhoo..here's some bows of Shelby's that I can re-make for any of your LO's. Bows are simple, quick and easy for me to make these days so just message me or email me your interest!
I'm working on a few new flower clips also as well as the feather clips! Pics to come soon!

~God bless,

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