Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Shelby's keeper on Tuesday's through Friday has been a great friend and sister to me for almost 10 years now. Our husband's used to sing together for 7 years and so we've grown our families together. Their oldest daughter, Kathryn, is such a lady of poise, elegance and just pure sweetness. She asked me to do 2 hairbows for Kathryn to wear to school. They wear uniforms to their school (CCS) and she wanted 1 to match her light pink polo and one to match her baby blue polo and her only request was 2 "big bows w/ feathers!" MY KINDA BOW! :) Thank you Minna for being my friend, shoulder to lean on, gripe to, unload on, the one I go to to get advice on just about anything and my sister! I love you!
I love to make hairbows and not one I make is the same! Message or email me if you would like a hairbow. This order was vague and only specified the colors and that she wanted feathers, and of course the size. :)

~God bless & thank you dear Lord for Godly women!

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Jakesmommie said...

Super cute! I cant believe Shelby is getting so big!