Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 1st's

Well, this past week was FULL of 1st's! Rhett learning to pee standing up (yes, TMI but monumental), Shelby rode English for the 1st time, got thrown off for the 1st time and she went to her 1st sleepover!
Rhett has been potty trained now for a little over a month now and he's a smart one. He's caught on "how to pee like a man" just by observation. :) Hahah.... he's growing WAY TOO FAST TOO!

Shelby got to ride English for the first time and not even 10 mins after gettin in the saddle a HUGE horsefly got a hold of Hershey and started biting her. She went bucking and running. Shelby graciously fell of but landed on her feet and went and got her horse and got right back on. :) She's one tough little girl and now is a "true rider!"

She got to attend her 1st sleepover Sunday night too w/ ALL HER FRIENDS.  There were a few, including shelby, who we thought wouldn't last and would call us to pick them up. They stuck it out and had a blast!


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