Thursday, December 11, 2014

Has it really been 10 years?

wow... 10 years? A Decade? seriously? it seems like yesterday Josh and I just met at Canfield, AR and fell in love over those few summers..Here'sOur Love Story for those of you who don't know...
Josh is all I've ever known...He was my first love, my first REAL kiss, my first everything... God designed and made him JUST FOR ME and boy and I blessed! He broke the mold w/ this one! Josh is THE MOST selfless person I've ever known and cares sooo much about others it keeps him up at night.  He adores our children with all his being and would move heaven and earth to make them happy.  I never dreamed we would have all we have now. I remember thinking when we got married that chilly night in Texarkana, AR at Beech Street First Baptist Church on Dec. 11, 2004, that in 10 years I hope we would love each other as much as we did then and that we would have a family and be very happy.  AND WE ARE! GOD ANSWERED THE DESIRES OF MY HEART in my marriage. We are blessed w/ 2 AMAZING KIDS I never knew we could even have and a man that is my protector, shoulder to always cry on(which happens a lot with my emotional self), someone to take my deepest fears and concerns to, a man who holds me up and doesn't let me fall, one I can pray with on my knees before the Lord and the lover of my soul. He knows everything there is to know about me and still loves me anyway. The Lord has truly placed us together and knit our hearts and souls into one.  I pray for many many more years on earth with this man and pray that the Lord continues to bless our marriage, home and children.  Thank you Lord for Josh Kee and thank you Josh for loving me and seeking the Lord with ALL YOUR HEART.
Happy 10 year anniversary baby!

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