Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Baby Week!!

Shelby's Big Sis shirt for Friday! Special thanks to Lori at Story's for the AMAZING custom work!

Rhett's gown and hat

isn't it just to DIE FOR!? I ordered the gown and hat from LemonJuiceBrand on etsy and it's the SOFEST fabrics ever! Lori at Story's did the custom monogramming!
This is the week Baby Rhett arrives and we are all excited and anxious to meet him! We had my very last OB appointment yesterday (Once again, no progress) and got the game plan! Dr. Tom took us COMPLETELY off guard and offered to do my csection yesterday afternoon, but we were and AREN'T prepared for that, so I can't blame him for Rhett not being here yet, cause he tried! He said, "Ok i've got 2 options for you, you can have Rhett this afternoon (yesterday) at 4:30 or we can keep it for Friday and you come in at 8am and wait your turn. I've got 2 other cases Friday and if a lady comes in in labor she trumps everyone. So what do you want to do?"
OMG talk about being put on the spot! My initial internal response was, "DO IT NOW! GET HIM OUT!" but then logically, and looking at Josh for his opinion and guidance before I blurted that out, yesterday was just not feasible or right. We want to keep Shelby's routine and schedule as normal as possible and having him yesterday would have TOTALLY disrupted her week of fun plans at school (they're raising change for Multiple Sclerosis and having a different theme each day of dress up and i'm sure activities), messed up Josh's week of planned meetings and business and not to mention him already putting in to be off all next week as well as the few things I need to get done at work these last three days before I"m off til May, YES I am working til Thursday...LOL.. what else should I do? There's no progress, I've been having contractions and cramping off and on inconsistantly for 2 weeks now and I CANNOT just lie around the house and do nothing or I'll go crazy! 
Rhett arriving will change our lives soon enough but rushing that is not something we want to do to Shelby. She's super excited and even was kinda upset at us for NOT taking doc up on his offer.... having Rhett on a Friday will be sooo much better for EVERYONE. We will have BOTH SETS of grandparents available for her and they'll be able to take her and do whatever she wants (we live an hour and 15 mins away fr the hospital but it's the hospital my parents work at and the town where they live) and she won't have to miss school or any of her activities as well as we can have guests, if anyone chooses to come see us and the baby, and no one has to take off work and so on... 
So....with all this babbling we covet your prayers and thoughts! I'm totally ready and have NOT A BIT of worry or anxiety about a repeat csection. Knowing what to expect has made it so much easier and knowing how stress-free this delivery will be compared to how Shelby's was, has made it a lot easier.. God has given me peace! the only "worry/anxiety" i have is that I PRAY Rhett is RHETT and not a girl! LOL.. there's no denying it on the 21 week ultrasound DVD we got but only having an ultrasound at 10 weeks and 21 weeks..i wish we could've had just ONE MORE a few weeks ago to "make sure" lol... i'm a doubting thomas..lol....but the Lord would not allow us to do all we've done and prepare all we have, I believe, for him to turn out to be the total opposite..He's not cruel like that to me, His little OCD child! LOL I hope to post pictures and info. on Friday as it goes and when we have our turn and when he's here and will do so on my Facebook page (FYI, if you don't ID who you are and how I would know you, I WILL NOT add you as a Facebook friend...just for security/privacy reasons since I do post so much about my family and all) and Instagram.
It's so hard to believe that in less than 3 DAYS WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER CHILD AND A BOY AT THAT! :) God is sooo amazing!! If you had told me a year ago I would be where we are right now, I'd laugh in your face! LOL....
I finished up the last little bit for Rhett's room, which is silly cause he won't be sleeping in there until he's older, but he will have his diapers changed, rocking sessions and i'm sure shelby will want to play in there with him. We are in there every day "practicing". She's in love with him so much already! I can't wait to see her initial reaction and face when she meets him and gets to hold "Her baby" :). 

Pop Pop gave Rhett his first set of horns! I recovered the mount w/ his orange chevron fabric :)
 You know I can't post w/o some pics of Shelby! :) Here's some from last week....
Such a sweetheart and going to be THE BEST Big sister ever!

She got the last of her dance recital costumes this past week! this is Jazz and they're dancing to "Baby I'm A Star" by Prince! The blue heart tights are NOT part of the costume but she said they matched...lol..

Today is PJ Day at PreK. They have a different day this week and to bring different types of change to help raise $ for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Today was PJ day and bring your nickles.

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