Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm behind, again...Halloween Pics & Video

Our Halloween was FANTASTIC! Shelby had a blast!!!! Here's the awaited pics from it I'm about a week behind on.... this packing and prep to move is about to do me in.... that and the "trying three's" with Sheebs..lol keep us in your prayers!! :) LOL
disregard the "2013" it was a rough week/day! lol

 So above, she wanted to sing on stage and they had a kareoke stage so she did... wonder who she gets this from? Making her solo debut, singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm," I introduce, Shelby Lynne:

I think we had THE CUTEST LITTLE "Sheebee Saurus" there is and she loved every minute of it!

As I mentioned before, we are going thru the "fit stage" and it's soooo trying...... this weekend was especially hard and trying on us all but ya know, honestly, I can't imagine how she's feeling. Her brain is learning sooo much at one time and she's so smart for her age that the information she takes in a day is exhausting, I"m sure.  This whole move is to blame, i'm afraid.  We are shaking up her comfort zone, moving to a new house and place she's not accustomed to, and removing her from all she's ever known....it's enough to make me throw a fit too!! but ya know, thru this, i'm learning, as my dear new friend and I have found out, "E," that it's not bricks or mortar that make a home...IT'S US... WE ARE HER HOME!  Reminding myself and meditating on this keep me focused to take deep breathes, use gentle words, a kind soft voice (which has been lacking lately), and just let her express herself (in an appropriate manner that is!)...we will be through this valley and on top of the mountain soon enough....it's the journey that's important and where we learn and become stronger, better parents and family!

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